Story Highlight

Escuela Adelante (Education Moving Forward)

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

This project is a dream job because I get to help students fulfill their destiny, which in turn fills me with joy and hope for the future. Challenges exist as in any business, for profit or not; however, our willingness to move beyond the everyday exceeds any issues that may inevitably arise.


I am quite pleased that it seems we have a similar sentiment towards humanity, in our shared virtues of altruism, good will and equality. I too believe that a person is a person no matter where they are, especially a child.


As a school we plan on demonstrating just how far your donation can go in the lives of these children and in the course of our development as a school. We are incredibly grateful and humbled by your selection of Escuela Adelante to receive a donation.


We plan on devoting half of the funds towards the development of the first phase of construction which includes the preschool. The other half will be used for operational expenses, this gives us the ability to access top quality materials, resources and teachers.


To learn more about there great work check out there website

Cuidad de la Alegría

(City of Joy)

With your generous donations, BBS Charities was able to purchase all new beds and hygienic bed covers for Cuidad de la Alegría (City of Joy) located outside of Cancun, Mexico. Let’s just say we loved playing our part in helping the children live up to the great name they are being hosted. And from the picture below you can see they were indeed enjoying their City of Joy.


While there was much fanfare in the delivery of the beds coming out of the trucks and into the rooms, something else soon grabbed the children’s attention. A recent distribution of coloring books, reading materials and toys that BBS Charity donors and their children made had captured the children’s attention.


Often we overlook the sweet smiles a teddy bear or toy car can bring, however, it fosters educational play, camaraderie and the type of childhood we’d rather see all children enjoy. Play helps bring in some normality when tragedy has been involved. So does sleeping on a brand new bed that is not torn and tattered, falling apart with stains and urine smells.


A week after the kids received the beds, several of their caretakers commented that they noticed a remarkable change in the children’s wellbeing. They also noticed that they too felt more rested, all because the children were resting better.


BBS Charities was able to purchase books and school supplies for children at the school. Please see images below.


It’s projects like these, where we see that tangible differences are being made via the efforts that contributions can make. Thank you for considering being a part in loving on children in a very practical way.

Funds for children to go to school

Khiva, Uzbekistan

BBS Charities got funds to children and there family's in Khiva, Uzbekistan so they could purchase new clothing and supplies for school.


It was unforgettable moment when they got presents and every told me to send me their thanks. Not only children but also their parents are happy because we bought everything they need.

- Dilmurod