Supported Projects

BBS Charities has been busy working in several different areas and sectors. Contributions have been made to finalize a land purchase in a community outside of Managua, Nicaragua for a school and basic medical center.

All new beds were purchased for a children’s home on the outskirts of Cancun, Mexico.

BBS Charities donated funds to Escuela Adelanta, the first bilingual school in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. The donation will pay for 30 kids to go to school for a year and help fund the preschool.

BBS Charities donated funds in order for school children to purchase school supplies and clothing for the upcoming school year in Khiva, Uzbekistan.

BBS Charities donated $50 gift cards from Home Depot and HEB Grocery store to encourage and uplift flood victims in Blanco, Texas, as well as to special needs and elderly lock-ins in Waco, TX and Canyon Lake.

BBS Charities backed children in Boerne and San Antonio, TX with financial support in covering costs of food, nutrition and education.



"I don’t have words to express our appreciation.           Many of us lost everything in the flood. The gift cards for food and home supplies meant more than you’ll ever know. It meant that people we’ve never met actually cared. It was an unexpected blessing."

"As a school we plan on demonstrating just how far your donation can go in the lives of these children and in the course of our development as a school. We are incredibly grateful and humbled by your selection of Escuela Adelante to receive a donation."

~Karen,  Flood Survivor in Blanco, TX

~Jaime,  Director of Escuela Adelante


A great big thank you goes out to these very generous individuals, without whom BBS Charities could not exist.


Alexander Carr


Richard Powell D.D.S.

Karina Sysco

Paul & Bev Truran

Michael & Kay O'Brien

Lou Dana

Paige & Daniel Hunter

John Carr